Public-Private Partnerships during Public Health Emergencies

What are strategic considerations behind public-private partnerships (PPPs) during a public health emergency, and how can PPPs achieve the twin aims of ensuring patient access and being commercially sound?

This paper presents a strategic deep dive into how tie-ups between commercial and public entities can be a means of propelling progress during a pandemic, namely through: (a) pricing and risk allocation mechanisms, (b) leveraging logistical infrastructure, and (c) public education.

COVID-19 and Closure: Proportionate or Preposterous?

Evaluation of COVID-19 border closure measures and querying their implementation through the lens of legal concepts such as appropriateness and proportionality

Digital Approaches to Longevity

A look at digital trailblazers recasting the mould of longevity via health analytics, digital condition management platforms, systemic digital transformation of healthcare systems and elder-centric innovation.